Fun fact about me!!

2017 is my 20th year of teaching private music instruction! Wow thats a long time. The story goes like this.. I needed to get back into music and make it my living. I was the furthest I had ever been away from music, 3 years. I was still living in the Chicagoland area in Downers Grove at the time and was on my own. I got out the phone book, yep no internet searches back then and hustled to every music store within a 50 mile radius. About 25 stores. Hoping to get a gig teaching drums ANYWHERE. It took about a week to get to all of them and ALL of them turned me down, some even laughed at me, saying i have no business teaching when there are already established teachers in the area. 

Well, almost all of them…

The last store i went to, was the store I had purchased my Yamaha Rock Tour Custom drum set from 6 years earlier, the owner was new, his name was Paul. He didnt know me at all. But i played drums a bit for him, talked to him about myself a little and to my dismay he hired me!! 

He gave me a chance. I still get very emotional over this one act of kindness.

I started with 1 student, a young girl named Angela. I drove to Roselle Music in Roselle Il one day a week and started my journey. Before i knew it I had several week days booked with drum students. I started to fall in love with life and music again. After hearing me play guitar in the showroom waiting on drum students, Paul asked me to coach a rock group he started in the basement of the store called The Weekend Warriors Program. The basement was cool it had a spiral staircase leading down stairs.

This was my first time coaching a rock band. They were business professionals looking to play (some came in 3 piece suits after work) in a rock band environment. Weekly, I would coach them on learning songs on their instruments and playing together as a group and then have a performance at a big nightclub. In 1999, I became head drum instructor of the St Charles, IL Roselle Music location and had over 40 drum students per week that i taught in my own little studio room in the back of Roselle Music. By that time, I had been in several bands performing in Chicago, Il even in some of the awesome larger rooms – The Elbo room, The Beat Kitchen, Schubas, Joe’s, Double Door, Common Ground name a few. I was the drummer in The Jennifer Peterson Band performing in Chicago (not the burbs) and was the head drum instructor at Roselle Music with over 40 students per week. Things were really looking up! And i was still working a full time day job concurrently. So when i was asked to move to Sarasota Fl, in August of 2000, I knew i could do this all over again. I was extremely confident of this. And it was agreed upon that it was to be rebuilt bigger and better than ever. So with that in mind, I made the decision to give it all up, started saying my goodbyes to all my students and started packing up the Uhaul and moved to Sarasota, arriving December 5th, 2000. I musically re-established myself without knowing one single person here. I still think it was the right move to make. In hindsight i would have said good bye to my Dad and hugged the crap out of him… My teaching grew 10 fold or more and my multi instrumental musicianship grew exponentially. Take the chance, use your gifts and live life like there is no tomorrow. -sandi

Snaps from this past weekend FEB 2017

Bridgetender Inn on Anna Maria Island – Siesta Key Oyster Bar on Siesta Key – Daiquiri Deck on St Armands  Circle – Public Event/ Party at The Om Shoppe in Sarasota FL

The Om Shoppe in Sarasota – FREE launch Party with Live music

Yes!! you heard right… The Om Shoppe in Sunny Sarasota FL is holding a free launch party for their new product, an all organic, no preservatives, water free customized skin care line titled, The Om Face & Body. Developed in by The Om Shoppe and Dr. Nicole Sullivan, ND a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist.

The launch party will include live music from local music sensation Sandi Grecco (ME!!!)  light refreshments, chair massage & mini facials, numerology readings, educational workshops, sales specials and a free gifting crystal for all who attend. As an added gift anyone booking The Om Facial Refresh in the month of February receives a complimentary sample collection of the new product line. Those lucky enough to enjoy The Om Facial Refresh will enjoy taking a little Om home with them.

The Om shoppe is truly a gem in our little big town of Sarasota. You’ll find everything you need here to raise your awareness and your vibration. Please join us!!

new line. come feel the differnece

new line. come feel the differnece

Snaps from Marker 48 Brewing and St Pete Beach Market

Slide show yo


Market Season 2017 has Arrived!!

2. 1. 2017

I love playing markets. I know I say this a lot. But it is true. The community vibe, people showing up to purchase fresh fruits and veggies from local growers, small business owners showing off their wares to a variety of #marketeers. Most, if not all, are community conscience on many levels. Local coffee shops and desert companies are able to get a footing and make a living doing something they are truly passionate about. Arts and crafts, unique one of a kind items. So. Many. Dogs. As a musician I am able to connect with people, young and old, chat about music and how the weather is while playing my music, growing my fan base and selling my original music to people who appreciate all I do. Farmers Markets are hard work, too. Early hours, long days on your feet carrying things. And no a guarantee that the weather may thwart all of my efforts. I am usually sweating or freezing my ass off. I appreciate what markets do all over the nation, bringing people together in their communities. I am lucky enough to live in a climate that is conducive to many “year round” markets. Yeah, its hot in the summer time but I love it. I got it made in the shade, yo.

My Market Schedule for February 2017

February 1, 2017 Phillippi Farmhouse Market 9:30 am – 2pm

February 3, 2017 Dunedin Downtown Market 9:00am – 2pm

February 4, 2017 Bradenton Farmers Market 10am – 2pm

February 9, 2017 Dearborn Street Market 10am – 2pm

February 19, 2017 Corey Avenue Sunday Market – St Pete Beach 10am – 2pm

Hyde Park Fresh Market Tampa FL June 2016

Hyde Park Fresh Market Tampa FL June 2016


Realize Bradenton Farmers Market and Art SLAM March 2016


My dog Bembe grabbing a treat at Corey Ave Market St. Pete Beach, FL November 2015






Phillippi Estate MArket Sarasota, FL March 2016

Phillippi Estate MArket Sarasota, FL March 2016







Mondays 5 to 8pm at The Boatyard Waterfront Grill

MONDAY nights at The Boatyard #soloacoustic #livelooping from 5 to 8p. One of the best waterfront dining views in SRQ. Amazing food and drinks with a friendly waitstaff and an amazing view. Come join me Monday nights 5 to 8 🙂


The Boatyard – you can get there by boat mile marker 62


this is not the boatyard but you have to walk past these to get to The Boatyard. I like that.


This is my view while i serenade you..


me and a pirate.


The Boatyard Waterfront Grill. its right there on the water. come on!


Its free. so you dont have to worry bout a thing..